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Sign up for a class today at one of our four training centers in Virginia or we can schedule a class just for your group (minimum of 10 students) at our location or yours. 

Our Vision

Breath of Fresh Air was established in 2002 to provide CPR and First Aid training services to individuals and professionals needing to be certified. Fast forward a bit  - we now offer a selection of classes to help students that are passionate about personal development and establishing a career within the healthcare field.


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Our Expertise

We have the professional training team to help you develop the skills you need to work with hospitals, nursing homes and mental health fields. So if you wish to take your career to the next level and enhance your skills we can help.

Our Team 

Over our long history, we have had some of the very best trainers in the profession looking after your personal and professional needs. 

If you would like to take your personal care training a step further, going from your first course to a train-the-trainer level, we can help. 

We are always seeking top professionals to join our team of trainers throughout Virginia.

Calendar of classes

We give you an easy way to check the courses availability. Thanks to our calendar, you can easily find the schedule of classes and apply. 

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